The importance of the wedding album

My wife and I just shared our ninth wedding anniversary, it's amazing how the time has flown. It seems like only yesterday that we enjoyed that fabulous day at Matfen Hall in Northumberland. When we told our four year old boy about our wedding anniversary he asked us about our wedding day and if he could see the photographs. We took out our beautiful album of pictures taken by Gary Walsh and let him take a look through. He was very interested to see how young his mum and dad looked as well as his aunts and grandparents. Watching him made me think that he is not used to seeing printed pictures in this way, the majority of the pictures he sees are electronic on our computers and phones. Looking at our son flicking through the album made me think about the permanence of the printed album. Purely electronic pictures somehow feel temporary, the physical album provides something that feels permanent and timeless, something that can be passed down through the generations and no matter what the technological advances, future generations will be able to take a look at the images. _CMD8305-Edit-2 _CMD8279-Edit