Family photography in the park – Chris Monaghan-Doyle Photography

Here's a selection of images from my recent photoshoot on a windy day in Hardwick Park. Two families came together for this shoot, all the kids were similar ages so it worked great! Outdoor family photography is often really fast paced, however with 5 children today it was sometimes hard for me to keep. There was certainly no lack of energy! Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-1 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-2 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-3 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-4 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-5 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-6 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-7 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-8 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-9 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-10 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-11 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-12 Family_Photography_Ingleby_Barwick-13