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Ella newborn photography – Ingleby Barwick

I had the pleasure of taking some pictures of little Ella. Ella was a little older than I normally aim for for my newborn photography, however she was still so petite despite being 5 weeks old. As she was a little older Ella made us work for the pictures, but all good things come to those who wait! We shot the pictures in my home in Ingleby Barwick where we set up a mini studio. The natural light was gorgeous and soft which helped to get some beautiful images. Ella's mum brought the hat she is wearing which Ella rocked and looked so cute! Ingleby barwick newborn photographyIngleby barwick newborn photographyIngleby barwick newborn photography Ingleby barwick newborn photography Ingleby barwick newborn photography Ingleby barwick newborn photography

A special little girl’s 1st birthday – Chris Monaghan-Doyle Photography

It was my gorgeous little daughter's first birthday, so we decided to take take some photos to mark the event! It seems so much harder taking pictures of my own kids, I think that they're so desensitised to the whole process that she completely ignores me. It is so difficult to make her look at the camera!! Managed to get some nice pics though! CMD_4782 CMD_4803 CMD_4852 CMD_4856 CMD_4864 CMD_4939

New custom USB drives

Recently there has been increasing demand from clients for the files from their photoshoots to share via social media or create prints themselves. To meet this demand I have created some gorgeous leather covered USB drives to supply the images, my wife has put her design talents to good use and created some beautiful packaging to put them in. Images can be supplied on USB drives following family photoshoots, newborn and wedding photography. If you are interested in booking your wedding photography or having some photographs taken of your family please do not hesitate to get in touch! CMD_Photography_Packaging (1 of 1)-2

Family photography in Hardwick Park – Chris Monaghan-Doyle Photography

Here's a selection of the images from my recent photo session with Suzanne and her family in Hardwick Park. We were blessed with lovely weather and the park was nice and quiet. Both the kids were very relaxed in front of the camera which made the session a pleasure. I think Suzanne is keen on a multi image frame. I have a graphic designer in the form of my very talented wife who is going to put together some layouts. DSC_7906 DSC_7915 DSC_7922 DSC_7960 DSC_7981 DSC_8066 DSC_8078 DSC_8092 DSC_8135 DSC_8155 DSC_8192

The wedding album – the importance of printed images

Wedding Album (1 of 2) Recently my wife and I shared our 9th wedding anniversary and our little boy asked if he could see our wedding pictures. He was quite surprised when we brought him our album to take a look at, he is really only used to seeing family photos on the iPad or computer. As we looked at the pictures together it made me think about the importance of printing images and creating albums. At present many people chose to receive their wedding images in an electronic format, such as a disc of images or a USB flash drive. Electronic storage of images is great for allowing pictures to be shared instantly with family and friends and can be accessed on any number of devices such as phones and laptops that form an integral part of our lives. Given the convenience of electronic storage for images why invest in an album or prints? Digital media such as USB drives and DVDs are great for transferring information, however given the rapid changes in technology will they still be the right solution in 5 or 10 years? The images that formed our wedding album were taken on film as digital photography was still gathering momentum, the printed album we have still looks fabulous and was instantly at hand for our son to look through 9 years later. Computers are now being produced without DVD drives as standard, in the future will a DVD of images be easily accessible? In addition the National Archives advise that a DVD-R will degrade over time, however they should last for at least 2-5 years (although in practice may be 10 years or more). USB drives may be a more robust storage solution, however as technology develops will they still be in use in 10 years time? Printed images have a feeling of permanence that digital images just cannot match, a marriage is forever, and so should the images be. A wedding album provides you with a beautiful object to remind you of your special day and the emotions and moments you shared. It forms a timeless memento that will be available for generations to come whatever the future holds. Wedding Album (2 of 2)

Peter and Kathy’s Helmsley Wedding – Baxby Manor

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Kathy and Pete's lovely wedding in Helmsley. I caught some pictures of Pete and his brothers getting ready on their family farm before scooting over to Kathy to catch her and the bridesmaids. The church ceremony in Helmsley was conducted by the bride's sister which gave it a fantastic family feel and light hearted moments. Later a vintage bus took the guests and couple to the reception at Baxby Manor. The weather wasn't always on our side but it did't spoil the day in the slightest and a great day was had by all! _CMD6560-Edit _CMD6562-Edit _CMD6614-Edit _CMD6664-Edit _CMD6676-Edit _CMD6710-Edit _CMD6745-Edit _CMD6610-Edit1 _CMD6793-Edit _CMD6852-Edit _CMD6934-Edit _CMD6942-Edit-Edit _CMD6958-Edit _CMD6961-Edit1 _CMD7155-Edit _CMD7019-Edit _CMD7059 _CMD7165-Edit _CMD7201-2 _CMD7280-2     _CMD7533-Edit _CMD7541 _CMD7563-Edit-Edit   _CMD7688-Edit _CMD7693-Edit _CMD7494-Edit_CMD7517-Edit-Edit_CMD7666_CMD7741-Edit
Chris Monaghan-Doyle Photography